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Kitesurfing lessons and IKO certifications in the Houston Tx area. Utilizing up-to-date equipment, latest IKO safety standards and two-way communication helmets.
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My story

how it all started!

My kiteboarding journey started in 2010 after college graduation. I visited my cousin in Egypt and he gave me my first lesson at his recently opened school (Soul Kitesurfing).

After being laid-off from the oil & gas industry in 2015 and already addicted to kiteboarding I decided to become an IKO instructor (ID 51804) while actively seeking engineering opportunities. I was trained by the best instructors in Egypt at one of the top kitesurfing locations in the middle east.

After teaching off the Red Sea and in the Houston area for more than a year, I decided to create Kobekiteboarding in 2017. Since then I have been providing quality kiteboarding lessons in the Houston Texas area ensuring all iko standards are being met.



2 hours $240 - 3 hours $340
1st - Lesson
Know hazards on the spot and wind direction. Set up, fly and land trainer kite. Understanding the wind window. Set up 4 line kite; carry/handle kite. Understanding Safety Systems. Assist in launching kite for instructor.

2nd - Lesson
Set up 4 line kite and review safety systems. Understand the use of international communication signals. Assist Instructor in Launching and Land kite to instructor Control the kite hooked into harness; water relaunch. Up and Down wind Body drag. Demonstrate Self Rescue procedure.

3rd - Lesson
Set up 4 line kite; Instructor student safety quiz. Body drag with board and demonstrate board retrieval. Understand the de-power system. Practice proper board and body language for water start. Water start in both directions and come to a complete stop. Know the right of way rule when riding amongst other riders.

“My first lesson with Adam was beyond my expectations. Will definitely recommend him!”

- John Mark

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